5 Irresistible Tips To Create Awesome Landing Pages

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Creating a high-quality landing page is a tedious task. However, it is not impossible. All you need is the right practices to create a landing page for your business. The key to successfully implementing the landing page best practices and increasing conversion rates is to be analytical with data and consistent with A/B testing. Here are a few best practices for improving the landing page.

Call To Action

The idea of creating a high-converting landing page is to eliminate any unwanted distractions so that visitors can complete the action or next step you desire. According to one research, deleting the navigation menu resulted in a 100 percent boost in conversions. This may be accomplished by planning your landing page around a single core call-to-action. If your visitors have to choose between two options, the number of individuals who do the action you desire will be reduced.

Keep Important Information At The Top

Just like the newspaper have all the important news at the top, it is suggested to keep all the important information above the fold. Above the fold means the point at which the visitor must scroll to see additional content to get the same effect. With more people utilizing smartphones and tablets, this is more difficult than ever. The best part is that you can utilize a scroll map to quickly find the average fold on various devices

Multi-Step Form

This best practice is peculiar to a lead-generation landing page, but it’s critical for sites with more than four input fields if you want to improve your conversion rates. A multi-step form, in practice, divides various fields into multiple steps, thus the term “multi-step.” After completing one step of the form, the visitor moves on to the next until the form is submitted.

Multi-step forms are based on the premise that visitors are more likely to finish anything they’ve begun. This is due to project management psychology, which states that once a work is started, we don’t want our efforts to go to waste. That’s why we’re looking for the initial stage of a multi-phase process. 

Personalize Page Design

Personalizing your landing pages is relatively new and becoming easier to do using dynamic keyword injection and platforms like Proof and Dynamic Yield. The idea behind personalized landing pages is to cater content to your customer and create a unique experience that connects to them and is more likely to convert. Personalization is great, but you need to exercise some restraint. People might like that content on a page being specific to them, but being too specific can have an adverse effect. So, it is necessary to strike the balance while designing a landing page. 

Optimize Page Speed

Page speed is a more technical issue, but it is easy to solve if your landing page is hosted on fast and stable servers. Optimizing your images can improve the performance of your landing page. You can use Tiny PNG to optimize the images or you can use a landing page builder like Unbounce, which automatically optimizes them.

Another way to improve page performance is to reduce or replace scripts that are already executing on your landing page. As a digital marketing business, you may like scripts that collect as much information as possible. However, too many scripts might slow down the page speed. So use it accordingly. 

The Bottom Line

To develop effective landing pages, you must first understand your conversion rate data. As far as SEO and marketing are concerned, Crazyalgo is there for you. We can help you build awesome landing pages for your website that will be SEO friendly and creative.

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